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It’s easy to get stuck on things when running a business. That hassle can eliminate the opportunity to look towards the future. Let’s get back on track and set goals with success in mind. With a custom brand strategy, your brand can overcome and move forward to bigger and better things.

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What does your brand stand for? What image do you want to project? What message do you want to spread? These important questions will be explored when it comes to developing your brand strategy. We will become familiar with the ins and outs of your brand from every angle to determine the best way to move forward strategically.


Your content is what your audience is going to look at first to determine their first impression of your brand. Stand out with unique and personalized content created in-house by our designers and strategic creators. CBF can help make your visions come to life in the form of promotions, social media platforms, and more.


Determining your audience is based on a few things: where they are, what they do, and what they value. We’ll take a look in your brand category to see what groups of people have yet to be reached and develop a strategy on how to hook them with your brand.

Our Process

It all starts with us getting the opportunity to understand and work with your brand.  There are so many things to consider and it is our goal to be the strong foundation you can lean on and grow with.  Client’s that have long term visions and goals needing help with problem solving and strategy  hire us on a Monthly or Annual retainer.

Our retainers are designed to support your brand no matter what stage of growth you are currently in.  We approach your brand’s strategy with an understanding of the growing pains that each and every business goes through. 

Next we establish strategy, tactics, and, accountability with us and our clients and get to work.

Brand Strategy Consultation

We offer a Free consultation for anyone interested in working with us on a retainer. Our consultation gives you a strategic look into your brand’s assets, content, website, social media, search engines, directories, and more!

Budget & Goals

The first step to choosing the right strategy for your brand is establishing a budget and expectations. Once a budget is established we can set you up with the best strategy for your goals and business needs. 

Define Problems To Solve

Now that your budget is set its time for us to get busy with your brand. Working with CBF allows your brand to pivot on a monthly or weekly basis to tackle to the problems that are most important today while maintaining consistency with your long-term business growth.

Foundational Strategy

Before we move on to all the exciting marketing tactics and strategies we make sure your brand’s foundation is strong and consistent.  We start with any website development needed, establish a presence on the proper social media platforms, perform online search engine research, and optimize your branding on-line and in your community.

The Build

Once we know your brand’s foundation is taken care of we can move on to a deeper strategy implementation. How do we get more people to see and convert to your brand. Lead generation strategies, Google & Social Media PPC, Ad design, and Search Engine Optimization consulting with reports.

The View

At this stage of our relationship we are able to look out to the horizon with your brand’s long-term growth strategy.  Custom Website Development, weekly strategy meetings, digital assets and content creation, with SEO strategy and implementation.

CBF Brand Strategy Retainers

The Foundation

Starting Retainer Price: $500/Month

  • Includes CBF Hosting
  • Website Development & Edits
  • Monthly Brand Strategy Consulting 
  • Social Media Support
  • Google Analytics & Google Business Support

The Build

Starting Retainer Price: $1500/Month

  • **includes The Foundation
  • Google Ads 
  • Social Media Ads 
  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • SEO Consulting + Monthly Reports
  • **client will need additional budget for ads

The View

Starting Retainer Price: $3000/Month

  • **includes The Build
  • Weekly Strategy Meetings
  • Custom Website Development
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO Strategy + Monthly Reports
  • **client will need additional budget for ads

The View

Website Hosting Starting At $50/month

Don’t see a retainer level that currently fits your budget? … No worries!,  We have solutions starting as low as $50/month that will give you all the tools you need to get started on the right path.  We include an on-boarding brand strategy consultation and at anytime you can reach out to us when your business growth allows you to invest more into your brand.

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